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img73We had established an Incubation Unit on April 2000 with limited capacities to offer care and supervision for recent delivered babies till they are transferred to another hospital with wide and expert capabilities.
On October 2010 this section was expanded and furnished to accept 15 incubators.
1.    This Section is divided into two rooms:                        The main room contains the intensive care and intermediate care.
2.    The isolation room .
The Section provide medical care for premature babies             and receives almost 15 cases every month most of them with a low weights remembering that some cases needed to stay  for a month or more for treatment.
The Section provides of all necessaries including medical equipment for every babies including:
• monitoring devices for children.
• devices respirator number 5 .
• devices Phototherapy number 8 .
• Monitor devices .
• Pressure devices .
•  Suction.devices
• Ventilators .
• ECG .
•  Cardiac resuscitation .
• and all the necessaries needed for the patient including drugs and tools .
The section headed by a pediatric specialist who affords complete medical care for premature babies There are 15 male and female nurses certified by diploma and bachelor degree with experience in addition to the department head
The department gives the instructions necessary for the mother and the babies before leaving the department.
The unit includes a personal online all the time to maintain clean and tidy department.img74

Nablus Specialist Hospital provides Physiotherapy service in all department for the following  patients :
• open heart surgery… pre and post operations .. (this therapy includes all types of exercise to the patient to do after operation include deep breathing exercise and movement of feet…. after the operation.
The nurse well  help the patient to move all joints in particular the feet to minimize the occurrence of deep venous thrombosis the nurse also a day after surgery carries all exercises needed for the patient then help him  to walk and train him to do  breathing exercises where most of the patients find difficulty from coughing thick sputum after operation
• patients with stroke(cerebro-vascular accident)…where the department help the patients in moving the body regularly to avoid occurrence of bed sores preparing him for   physiotherapy exercises.
• patients after the operations of the spine and joints ... are helped  to rehabilitate after these operations , where they are trained on several exercises and correct ways to avoid any harm to spine or joint operation , which was conducted him.
 AND SO FOR• patients after operations in general .
The physiotherapy Department aim in all divisions on the major steps followed, including:
• continuous movement for  the patient in particular those suffering from difficulties in movements either  after operations or those in a coma. Avoiding any complications such as bed sores…etc
•19- The physiotherapist encourage exercises for the patient in order to ensure the flexibility encouraging the body on continuous movement
• The physiotherapist deals with patients with chest problems called  (chest physiotherapy) and patient education  encouragement to do breathing exercises
• Department of physiotherapy offers all the recommendations and information necessary for the patient to make it easy to everyday life after leaving the hospital safety .

We had established  Operative Suite since the foundation of the hospital in 2000, to include  three operating rooms , one for to open-heart surgery , vascular surgery. and two rooms for other types of surgery. and one room for the resuscitation .
All Operative rooms are equipped with updating facilities including Centrally controlled  air conditioning  , air purifying , lightening , medical gases devices  and both anesthesia and radiology equipment .
There are a resident doctors committed and experienced covering the suite around the clock in addition to selected nursing staff holding diploma and bachelor's certificate in addition to the head of the suite ,
There is anesthetist assisted by 4 Technicians with wide experience to cover the suite 24 hour on daily bases and on call around the cluck
 In this suite all types of general surgical cases are done including Tonsillectomy surgery, adenoid surgery, plastic surgery , urology cases, chest Surgery , Fascio – maxillary surgery , pediatric surgery ,neurosurgery. orthopedic surgery and open-heart surgery , vascular surgery (cardio vascular surgery). Its important to know that cardio vascular surgery is carried regularly all times of the years and we are rewarded by excellent results you can read  when you look at the statistics.
Also different types of minimally invasive surgeries like cholecystecmy, appendectomy ,varococelectomy or tumors like that of colon and rectum by experienced surgeonsm, this types of surgery offers less time during surgery saves the pain and early rehabilitation , discharge from the hospital and back to work,
In this suite there is the ability to perform highly advanced surgery including spinal surgery carried by consultants in addition to different types of bone fractures and congenital deformities.
Lately knee joint telescope  surgery is introduced and are carried by skillful doctors where  advanced operations like implantation of crucial ligaments in the knee also implantation of tendons and dealing with torn miscues with good results.   
Lithotripsy for crushing stones with laser avoiding the  need  any more for traditional open surgery to remove stones from ureter also there is facilities for dealing with prostate, stones , tumors and biopsy from the wall of the urinary bladder endoscopically.
All types of obstetrics and sterility by consultant doctors noting that there where advance in types of surgery remembering-  that  a lady came from Gaza strip  for cesarean section where six twins where delivered and this denotes that  this case is highly distinguished. It is the result of high care and supervision the lady   and the children received.
Also all types of neurology both brain and nerve surgery are carried by consultant and skilful nurses.   
 The unit includes a personal online all the time to maintain clean and tidy department.

Nutrition  therapy is the cornerstone in the treatment of most diseases , proper nutrition leads to speedy recovery and minimizes the occurrence of the complications , proper nutrition before elective surgery  contribute to the success of some of the operation ,accordingly this unit  is very vital in any hospital or health care center so it cannot be neglected or forgotten(DISPENCED WITH).
Considering that Nablus specialty hospital with all its staff and employees aims to offer the best  medical service .                                                                                      this unit was establish since  of the foundation of the hospital to deliver high nutrition care with good quality for all patients residing in the hospital including all ages providing  proper nutrition regulations    for these patients to follow specially  when they are discharge home
This unit composed of:
•    medical Nutrition .
•    The main kitchen for patient services .
•    Outpatient clinic.
-The staff consists of a valuable section of the worker :
•    -Specialist Dietitian .
•    Chefs and workers .
The main tasks of the unit of Nutrition, include the following:
Planning, organization and control of the various activities of the unit.
Examination and assessment of the nutritional status of patients and prepare regulations according to the condition of each patient in the hospital in addition to appropriate regulations to be followed in their homes after discharge from the hospital when necessary .
Preparation and submission of a balanced healthy meals safe for all patients, whether they are residing patients or in emergencies cases on, daily bases .
Direct supervision of food preparation methods, appropriate health, and make any adjustments to the constitutes of the food or its components to meet the requirements of the patients.
Follow the progress of the distribution of meals until it is received by the patient.
Awareness and health education for patients with chronic diseases and their families as in patients with diabetes , or with heart and blood vessels , and kidney patients , which is considered a healthy lifestyle basically in control and minimizing complications .
Preparation programs needed to reach a healthy weight appropriate because of its close relationship with the health status of patients and healthy people alike.
To do monthly survey to know the  opinion of the patent about kind  and variability of the meals and quality.

We had established  a UNRWA Unit in 2008 and began to work there in 2009 after the signing agreement with UNRWA, the unit was prepared to received surgical , urology , medical , Chest , orthopedic , Neurology  and pediatric cases.
Here you find a resident doctor and nursing staff both males and females with diploma and bachelor degrees with experience not forgetting the department head .
There are eight rooms,1) Six rooms as third class each with three beds  , each controlled by Remote Control system, 2) two rooms Royal Suite .
 This Section has all the supplies needed by any patient and all the devices including:
• Monitor devices .
 Blood Pressure measurements devices .
• Suction devices.
• Ventilators .
• ECG .
• Cardiac resuscitation devices.
• and all the necessaries needed for the patient including drugs and tools .
The unit includes a personal online all the time to maintain clean and tidy department.

img66We had established  Outpatient Clinic  since the foundation of the hospital in 2000, it is prepared with reception hall with air-condition there are  clinics well equipped for all doctors with deferent specialties. each clinic equipped with facilities needed with necessary equipment to give medical care for all  patient .
These clinics are serviced by nursing staff and prominent supervisor to offer the aides for any patient in different kind of specialties.
These clinics are operated by prominent full time doctors and external doctors with their experience and good reputation.
Due to the political situation we only were able to operate nerve clinic , later to operate cardiology   and orthopedic clinics aiming to expand gradually to operate all the following clinics :
• Internal  medicine and Heart diseases
• arthroscopic knee surgery and sports medicine
• Neurology (nerve)
• 17-pediatric.
• joints diseases
• Urology
• General Surgery and Urology
• cardio vascular
• cardio Vascular Surgery
• Neurosurgery
• facio-maxillary surgery.
• Ear Nose Throat
• Orthopedics
• Hematology and Oncology
• gynecology and opstetric
• Plastic Surgery
• Orthodentesetry
Clinics has all the supplies needed by any patient and all the devices including:
• Monitor devices .
• Pressure devices .
• Suction devices.
• Ventilators .
• ECG .
• Cardiac resuscitation devices.
• and all the necessary's needed for the patient from drugs and tools .
We are working to attract all doctors in all specialties to provide outstanding service in outpatient clinics .
The unit includes a personal online all the time to maintain clean and tidy department.