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Thursday, 03/27/2014 - Dr Omar Al Naser General Manager Of Media And Public Relations at the Ministry of Health , accompanied by Fakhri al-Ali Director of Public Relations and Nasreen Armela Head of Internal relations visited Nablus Specialty Hospital To check on the health of Sabah Mohammed Shahwan of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, which born four twins . was at the reception , Dr. Abdul Rahman Kittana Hospital Director , Dr. Nazih Odeh where Dr. Naser on behalf of the Minister of Health, Dr. Jawad Awad warmest congratulations and blessings of citizenship Chehwan integrity and including of God from the children after a long wait and we wish her ​​and her children optimal health and wellness . his part, Dr. Nazih Odeh to citizenship Chehwan reached the hospital ten days before the status of overwork and fatigue severe impact on the method of reproduction , which were by Caesarean section pointing out that the duration of the pregnancy lasted six months and a week and that the twins were still in intensive care since last Friday . for its part, expressed citizenship Chehwan thanks to the Ministry of Health , headed by Minister of Health, Dr. Jawad Awad interest and submit the necessary facilities that culminated Poladtha the praise of God and also noted that the actions of the occupation of Beit Hanoun contributed directly influence the case of pregnancy , which led to the birth in this way . at the end of the visit he wished Dr Naser and the accompanying safety of citizenship Chehwan and her children back to health Safety and praying to Allah that combines the two parts of the homeland in the meat and one for the children that we are one people and the owners of a single issue10168203 492486957543854 862952652 n