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We had established  Operative Suite since the foundation of the hospital in 2000, to include  three operating rooms , one for to open-heart surgery , vascular surgery. and two rooms for other types of surgery. and one room for the resuscitation .
All Operative rooms are equipped with updating facilities including Centrally controlled  air conditioning  , air purifying , lightening , medical gases devices  and both anesthesia and radiology equipment .
There are a resident doctors committed and experienced covering the suite around the clock in addition to selected nursing staff holding diploma and bachelor's certificate in addition to the head of the suite ,
There is anesthetist assisted by 4 Technicians with wide experience to cover the suite 24 hour on daily bases and on call around the cluck
 In this suite all types of general surgical cases are done including Tonsillectomy surgery, adenoid surgery, plastic surgery , urology cases, chest Surgery , Fascio – maxillary surgery , pediatric surgery ,neurosurgery. orthopedic surgery and open-heart surgery , vascular surgery (cardio vascular surgery). Its important to know that cardio vascular surgery is carried regularly all times of the years and we are rewarded by excellent results you can read  when you look at the statistics.
Also different types of minimally invasive surgeries like cholecystecmy, appendectomy ,varococelectomy or tumors like that of colon and rectum by experienced surgeonsm, this types of surgery offers less time during surgery saves the pain and early rehabilitation , discharge from the hospital and back to work,
In this suite there is the ability to perform highly advanced surgery including spinal surgery carried by consultants in addition to different types of bone fractures and congenital deformities.
Lately knee joint telescope  surgery is introduced and are carried by skillful doctors where  advanced operations like implantation of crucial ligaments in the knee also implantation of tendons and dealing with torn miscues with good results.   
Lithotripsy for crushing stones with laser avoiding the  need  any more for traditional open surgery to remove stones from ureter also there is facilities for dealing with prostate, stones , tumors and biopsy from the wall of the urinary bladder endoscopically.
All types of obstetrics and sterility by consultant doctors noting that there where advance in types of surgery remembering-  that  a lady came from Gaza strip  for cesarean section where six twins where delivered and this denotes that  this case is highly distinguished. It is the result of high care and supervision the lady   and the children received.
Also all types of neurology both brain and nerve surgery are carried by consultant and skilful nurses.   
 The unit includes a personal online all the time to maintain clean and tidy department.