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img63 The pharmacy department was established since the foundation of the hospital in 2000 , with an area of 42 square meters equipped with air condition to ensure the safety ,and preservation of medicines .There is  another section with an area represent a store according to the conditions of the Ministry of Health including air condition and regulations.
The staff of this Pharmacy is three in number carrying bachelor degrees, in addition to head of the unit. ALL  are working very hard  TO cover  the pharmacy FROM seven thirty am AND until eight o'clock  evening  TIME..
For providing service to patients in the night time there is a  pharmacy system, night and paging systems Night Call to provide essential medicines .
we prepare medications for each patient on a daily dose program  during the 24 hours and are checking on medicines prepared before they reach the patient by a pharmacist and a nurse to ensure the accuracy of dosing and medication .
The unit Provide all sections of the hospital and operation suite with  disposable medicals required for work by the doctors that are best purchased from foreign brands .
It  is keen to provide all pharmaceutical treatments for the staff of the institute under the insurance system of internal staff
There is an accounting program to register the medications and calculate the price there is a comprehensive program to do the daily account for  inpatient also day account when the patient discharged to insure accuracy of pharmacy files.
The unit includes a personal online all the time to maintain clean and tidy department.