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Nutrition  therapy is the cornerstone in the treatment of most diseases , proper nutrition leads to speedy recovery and minimizes the occurrence of the complications , proper nutrition before elective surgery  contribute to the success of some of the operation ,accordingly this unit  is very vital in any hospital or health care center so it cannot be neglected or forgotten(DISPENCED WITH).
Considering that Nablus specialty hospital with all its staff and employees aims to offer the best  medical service .                                                                                      this unit was establish since  of the foundation of the hospital to deliver high nutrition care with good quality for all patients residing in the hospital including all ages providing  proper nutrition regulations    for these patients to follow specially  when they are discharge home
This unit composed of:
•    medical Nutrition .
•    The main kitchen for patient services .
•    Outpatient clinic.
-The staff consists of a valuable section of the worker :
•    -Specialist Dietitian .
•    Chefs and workers .
The main tasks of the unit of Nutrition, include the following:
Planning, organization and control of the various activities of the unit.
Examination and assessment of the nutritional status of patients and prepare regulations according to the condition of each patient in the hospital in addition to appropriate regulations to be followed in their homes after discharge from the hospital when necessary .
Preparation and submission of a balanced healthy meals safe for all patients, whether they are residing patients or in emergencies cases on, daily bases .
Direct supervision of food preparation methods, appropriate health, and make any adjustments to the constitutes of the food or its components to meet the requirements of the patients.
Follow the progress of the distribution of meals until it is received by the patient.
Awareness and health education for patients with chronic diseases and their families as in patients with diabetes , or with heart and blood vessels , and kidney patients , which is considered a healthy lifestyle basically in control and minimizing complications .
Preparation programs needed to reach a healthy weight appropriate because of its close relationship with the health status of patients and healthy people alike.
To do monthly survey to know the  opinion of the patent about kind  and variability of the meals and quality.