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Nablus Specialist Hospital provides Physiotherapy service in all department for the following  patients :
• open heart surgery… pre and post operations .. (this therapy includes all types of exercise to the patient to do after operation include deep breathing exercise and movement of feet…. after the operation.
The nurse well  help the patient to move all joints in particular the feet to minimize the occurrence of deep venous thrombosis the nurse also a day after surgery carries all exercises needed for the patient then help him  to walk and train him to do  breathing exercises where most of the patients find difficulty from coughing thick sputum after operation
• patients with stroke(cerebro-vascular accident)…where the department help the patients in moving the body regularly to avoid occurrence of bed sores preparing him for   physiotherapy exercises.
• patients after the operations of the spine and joints ... are helped  to rehabilitate after these operations , where they are trained on several exercises and correct ways to avoid any harm to spine or joint operation , which was conducted him.
 AND SO FOR• patients after operations in general .
The physiotherapy Department aim in all divisions on the major steps followed, including:
• continuous movement for  the patient in particular those suffering from difficulties in movements either  after operations or those in a coma. Avoiding any complications such as bed sores…etc
•19- The physiotherapist encourage exercises for the patient in order to ensure the flexibility encouraging the body on continuous movement
• The physiotherapist deals with patients with chest problems called  (chest physiotherapy) and patient education  encouragement to do breathing exercises
• Department of physiotherapy offers all the recommendations and information necessary for the patient to make it easy to everyday life after leaving the hospital safety .