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Laboratory Unit:
We had established a laboratory Unit since the founding of the hospital in 2000, supervised by director and  expert technicians working around the clock carrying diplomas and bachelor's certificate.
 This section offers the   medical laboratory service for all patients or both inside and outside the hospital where IT is doing all kinds of lab tests, and is distinguished by including Blood Bank division to collect and serve blood samples and plasma for the care of the patients.
It also offers the   wide range of clinical laboratory tests, which includes a sophisticated analysis in the field of hematology, biochemistry , serology , immunology  virology and microbiology
This unit Provides laboratory services around the clock to serve patients residing in the hospital , outpatient and emergency department
The lab includes the following sections:
• Hematology
• chemistry
• Serolog
• Eliza
• Blood Bank



Blood Bank :
There is also a place for the storage of blood and blood constituents, which is collected from blood donors and  stored to be used when needed .
The blood bank is part of the lab where the stock is available Of blood products as well as the screening process for theimg68 blood to reduce the risk of transfer of blood from one person to another.
There is blood grouping and cross matching tests, prior to blood transfusion to other person.There is safe blood donation procedures
Blood Bank offers its services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for patients residing in the hospital as well as for emergency patients and patients from nearby hospitals.img70
The director of the laboratory of the hospital has his share in the program to watch the quality (EQAS) covering all sections of the laboratory quality assure goodness and quality. (EQAS(.
The unit includes a personal online all the time to maintain clean and tidy department.


Radiology Department :
We established the radiology department since the founding of the hospital in 2000 , provided with all modern medical devices that enable the hospital to provide services to all patient .
Section consists of the following items :
• computerized tomography (MDCT) imaging is performed where all parts of the body wiil be examined with the latest equipment  and high-tech .
• U/S both normal and colored (doppler): which detect all pathological diseases by the latest imaging devices for all parts of the body  including:
•    both arteries and veins .
•    abdomen and kidneys.
•    breast and thyroid .
•    varicocoele of both  testicles .
•    examination of the prostate through the anus.
•    examine the uterus and ovaries through the vagina .
•    Early detection of delivery dislocation.
•    plane radiography with the latest digital devices .
•    Conduct sampling ( biopsy ) for any organ in the body for the early detection of tumors guided by CT and television .
 technicians working in the x-ray department are holders of certificates from high  institutes or universities starting from diploma degree in radiology and even master's, and bachelor's degree in addition to the department head .
Section includes  (accountant) to operate and  follow-up  of the administrative and financial aspects.
The unit includes a personal online all the time to maintain clean and tidy department.