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This department was established to deal with both cardiac catheters and open heart surgery  since the establishment of the hospital in 2000 , its noble to know that this is the first department operated both cardiac catheters and stents in the  northern West Bank It is the largest space with supportive rooms .
The department is well equipped with the latest global hardware, medical instruments of all kinds to meet different requirements  to patient’s  need  according to the cardiologist order.
This department admired by the most outstanding cardiologist surgeon, technicians and nursing. drew their attention and interest . where  the patient receives the service of cardiac  catheter  and stent operations by  native hands and in short time while such procedure where done outside our beloved country .with all the suffering during travel  including pain and money in addition to  wasted time   which influence the health and life of the patient .
The department went through continues updating by the coming of  new  doctors with high experience on one side  and providing the department with the most advanced equipments on the other side. The continuous awareness of health care by the patient and citizens and appreciation of having cardiac catheter procedure and stents in addition to managing vascular tree diseases,  protections and early discovery of their diseases had led to clear annual increase of the patient number who are benefited from receiving the medical care in  cardiac catheter department, in particular those patient whose lives where saved when suffered from heart attack.  
There are committed resident doctors who are expert covering the department round the clock in addition to distinguished nursing staff to deal with such cases loaded with diplomas and bachelor's with experience in addition to the department head .
The Section has all the supplies needed by any patient and all the devices including:
• Monitor devices .
• Pressure devices .
• Suction devices.
• Ventilators .
• ECG .
•  Cardiac resuscitation devices.
• and all the necessary's needed for the patient from drugs and tools .
The unit includes a personal online all the time to maintain clean and tidy department.