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img76This department was founded  since the establishment of the hospital in 2000, where there is the first station to receive in and out patients.
 Here we receive all patients to treat their complaints  provide all the medical services and the necessary treatment both for dressing the wound or to prepare them prior  admission to the section needed, that’s after carrying all investigation necessary ether in the lab or in the x- ray department. Not forgetting to clerk (write) the medical history of the patient.     
Attending the emergency department all consultant doctors carry license to practice medicine   from the Ministry of Health , through the regular programs of work on the monthly rota  to offer the service needed to the patients .
This department has all the supplies needed by any patient and all the devices including:
• Monitor devices .
  Blood pressure devices .
• Suction devices.
• Ventilators .
• ECG .
•  Cardiac resuscitation devices.
• and all the necessary's needed for the patient from medications and equipments .
Here  are committed resident doctors experience in emergency cases covering the department around the clock  in addition to nursing stuff 10 in number  certified with diplomas and  bachelor's degrees who are  experts in addition to the department head .
The unit includes a personal online all the time to maintain clean and tidy department.