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We had established  a UNRWA Unit in 2008 and began to work there in 2009 after the signing agreement with UNRWA, the unit was prepared to received surgical , urology , medical , Chest , orthopedic , Neurology  and pediatric cases.
Here you find a resident doctor and nursing staff both males and females with diploma and bachelor degrees with experience not forgetting the department head .
There are eight rooms,1) Six rooms as third class each with three beds  , each controlled by Remote Control system, 2) two rooms Royal Suite .
 This Section has all the supplies needed by any patient and all the devices including:
• Monitor devices .
 Blood Pressure measurements devices .
• Suction devices.
• Ventilators .
• ECG .
• Cardiac resuscitation devices.
• and all the necessaries needed for the patient including drugs and tools .
The unit includes a personal online all the time to maintain clean and tidy department.