img73We had established an Incubation Unit on April 2000 with limited capacities to offer care and supervision for recent delivered babies till they are transferred to another hospital with wide and expert capabilities.
On October 2010 this section was expanded and furnished to accept 15 incubators.
1.    This Section is divided into two rooms:                        The main room contains the intensive care and intermediate care.
2.    The isolation room .
The Section provide medical care for premature babies             and receives almost 15 cases every month most of them with a low weights remembering that some cases needed to stay  for a month or more for treatment.
The Section provides of all necessaries including medical equipment for every babies including:
• monitoring devices for children.
• devices respirator number 5 .
• devices Phototherapy number 8 .
• Monitor devices .
• Pressure devices .
•  Suction.devices
• Ventilators .
• ECG .
•  Cardiac resuscitation .
• and all the necessaries needed for the patient including drugs and tools .
The section headed by a pediatric specialist who affords complete medical care for premature babies There are 15 male and female nurses certified by diploma and bachelor degree with experience in addition to the department head
The department gives the instructions necessary for the mother and the babies before leaving the department.
The unit includes a personal online all the time to maintain clean and tidy department.img74